Sunday Six | Posts I've Loved This Week #1

There's nothing better in the blogging community than sharing the love and supporting fellow bloggers so I have decided to start a series here on my blog to show my love for other bloggers and their posts.

Just a disclaimer here, although this is posts I have loved this week, it takes me a very long time to get through my Bloglovin' feed so the posts that will feature here will be a few weeks old and not necessarily the newest posts from these bloggers. So without further ado, lets get started...

Bethany Georgina - 21 Things to Be Happy About

With all the negativity in the world, there is nothing better than sitting down and reflecting on all the good things in your life not matter how small they are or how insignificant they may be to someone else. Bethany has done just that in this post and it's a really great insight into just what it is that makes her get that perfect happy feeling.

Check out Bethany's post here.

Dorkface - The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

I couldn't write this post without including this cracker of a post from Jemma. I haven't read all the way through this but I have saved it for later to refer back to when I need a bit of blog guidance or some tips. Jemma has a great blog herself so I'd definitely be happy to follow her tips.

Check out Jemma's post here.

Issy Belle Fox - Chaturday | A Day in the Life

If you've never read Issy's blog before, where have you been? Her posts are always so frank and honest and this one is certainly no different. I loved reading all about Issy's day and it was very easy to relate to, none of this perfect, polished fairy tale life that some people try to portray.

Check out Issy's post here.

Jasmin Charlotte - A Dutch Food Tour, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I don't think there was one point in the post where I wasn't salivating, this food tour that Jasmin went on in Amsterdam literally sounds like the thing of dreams. A very large part of my life revolves around food so getting to explore new places via food sounds like the best thing ever.

Check out Jasmin's post here.

Jemma's Simple Life - The Truth About Being an Adult

Another post from Jemma, but not the same Jemma, what are the odds? Jemma really hit the spot with this post, as a child all you want to do is grow up and be an adult but when the time comes you just wish that you could go back to being a child when you had no responsibilities.

Check out Jemma's post here.

See the Stars - The A-Z of Me

I really enjoy posts like this one from Sarah because it's really good to get to know who the blogger behind the blog is. I love the way she has done the post as it is very creative and list style posts are always nice and easy to read. I may even have to give it a go myself.

Check out Sarah's post here.

So, those are the posts I have loved this week, it is quite hard to narrow it down to just six but both you and I would be here all day if I were to write about more than that. I can't promise you that I'll do this post every week but I will try to do it at least once a month.

I really hope you have enjoyed this post, feel free to let me know in the comments what posts you have been loving recently.

Sophie xxx


  1. Aw what a lovely post idea! I love how this is building other bloggers up, this is so kind!
    Hayley X

  2. I love blog posts like this as it means I get to discover lots of new bloggers! Jemma from Dorkface always has amazing content doesn't she! Sarah Lauren is such a little love as well isn't she?!
    Love, Maisie x


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