Empties - Products I've Used Up #2

When I wrote my last empties post it had taken me quite a while to build up enough products to do a post but I seem to have used up things a lot quicker so I've got a bit more to go through this time. Like a lot of other people I really like reading these posts but I also like writing them as it's a good reminder of what I've used and think more about whether I really liked the products and whether I want to pick them up again.

Since the last post I've actually managed to use up two lots of shampoo and conditioner, first up is the Tigi Bedhead Urban Antidotes Resurrection. I picked up this set from Feel Unique when I had a '15% off your first order' code because I felt it knocked enough of the cost off to be able to justify buying them. This shampoo and conditioner lasted me ages, literally so long, the large 750ml size was definitely another justifying factor. I did like these and they had a very nice scent to them, although I did find the consistency of the conditioner a bit thinner than I normally like. I probably wouldn't purchase these again unless I could get them on a good offer, but around £28 for the set seems like a large amount to pay out in one go.

When I finished the Tigi set I picked up the OGX Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil shampoo and conditioner after seeing rave reviews of other products from the OGX range. As I have highlighted hair it can be quite prone to breakage if I'm not careful with what products I use on it. I have a lot of love for these and I really can understand the hype, my hair felt so soft after using it and I did notice a difference in how much it was breaking. I'm currently using another different shampoo and conditioner but will pick these up again in the future!

The Argan Oil Heat Defence Leave In Spray was something that mum picked up for me when she was in B&M for a tiny £0.99 thinking that I was worth a try at that price. Before I started getting highlights I was really bad at making myself use heat defence, naughty I know, but getting this really kicked me into gear. I couldn't tell you how much difference this was actually making but my hair felt and smelt lovely so for such brilliant value I will definitely be inclined to pick it up when I see it.

I have kind of cheated by putting the Vaseline Spray & Go Cocoa Body Moisturiser in this post because this was actually just the end of a bottle that my mum gave me, but it's okay because I had been using it beforehand anyway and still have another bottle on the go. This product is perfect for people that are a bit lazy with moisturising or if you are short of time. It's as simple as spray on, rub in and go, it soaks in so quickly meaning you can get dressed straight away without having to worry about not getting your jeans up your thighs (this is certainly a problem I find). I will definitely continue to purchase this as it makes my life so easy.

A product I really wasn't impressed with was the Boots Extracts Strawberry Body Scrub, don't get me wrong, the smell was amazing and that was what made me buy it, but a 'scrub' it is not. At most, this product gives you a light exfoliation but if you're looking for a proper skin renewing scrub then this is not the product for that. I wouldn't repurchase this product but other scents in this range have a sugar scrub opposed to a body scrub so I might try one of those instead.

The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a cult product, especially in the blogging world. I liked this product and it was lovely to use but I'm not 100% sure I saw the hype, I think this is more likely because I'm not very religious with my skincare routine and often swap and change between what I'm using. I already have another bottle of this because they were doing a twitter offer to get a free one in store so I will be sure to try this out continuously at some point.

Nail polish remover is one of those products that you have to have and to me I feel like it really doesn't matter what one you have. I often pick up the Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover when it is on offer, although I actually have a different one from the range at the moment. Like I said, it's a have to have product so I will definitely be repurchasing this at some point.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter is a product that I love, ever since picking it up after seeing great reviews on The Body Shop website it has been my favourite way of taking off my make up and will continue to be until I find something that trumps it. Of course you'll have guessed that I have already repurchased it and will be sure to pick up another before I run out of it again.

I always used to religiously buy L'oreal True Match The Powder, along with the foundation and every other item on my face from the L'oreal counter. When I first started using this I knew very little about make up and was probably wearing the completely wrong shade. This still works great for setting my concealer (I used it over all my foundation before) but I have now found a powder I prefer so I probably won't repurchase this any time in the near future.

It took me a very long time to believe the hype of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but I have certainly fallen so hard for it now. Along with this empty tube I have also finished another one just this morning but it was all good because I bought it's replacement a few weeks ago. At it's great price I will continue to buy this concealer for a long time to come.

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is the item of make up that stands out as the product I am glad I tried last year. This is certainly a holy grail product for me now, I have already repurchased as this is something that has well and truly guaranteed it's place in my everyday make up routine for quite some time. I've even got my eye on the travel version so I can easily touch up on the go.

The final two items I have used up are both products from Benefit, they are the Gimme Brow Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel and They're Real Lengthening Mascara, very much like the two previous products, these are both items that have cemented themselves into my daily routine. Gimme Brow is the perfect product for using on a work day when I want to get my make up done quickly but I will normally use something else at the weekend. This is probably my 4th tube of They're Real mascara and because of this I would actually like to try something new when I need a new mascara but there is certainly nothing stopping me repurchasing this in the future.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any recommendations for a new mascara to try? Let me know in the comments.

Sophie xx

If you didn't see my previous empties post, you can check it out here.


  1. I really want the double wear foundation and the amount of times I've repurchased lasting perfection concealer is riduclous haha!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

    1. Definitely get Double Wear, I have acne and I feel like a completely different person when I have applied it!

  2. I've only heard good things about the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I have such dry skin so would love to know what skin-type you have to see if it would work for me! I'm so with you on the collection lasting perfection, I go through that stuff like water! xx


    1. I have acne prone skin so I'm guessing its quite oily but I can often suffer from quite dry patches too. I know it's an oil free foundation so is good at not slipping off the skin but I'm not sure how dry skinned people get on with it!

  3. Great post! I got the same deal on Bed Head shampoo and conditioner but I bought the Dumb Blonde range, they're amazing and last so long! X

    The Fashion Road

    1. It's a great price when they are on offer, even beats the prices I've seen in TKMaxx for this range.

  4. I love Bed Head shampoos and conditioners so much xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

    1. A lot of people are saying this so maybe I might get them again!

  5. The spray on moisturizer is a really good idea! I am so lazy when it comes to it. I might give it a try x


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