Brunching at Coast to Coast

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is going out for meals but I very rarely go out for breakfast. I never really think to go out for breakfast because most of my plans are either all day things so we go for lunch or we are just out in the afternoon. The other Sunday I had no plans so I sent my friend a message on the Saturday evening to see if she wanted to go for brunch, I knew it would never count as breakfast because my friend doesn't do early mornings, thankfully Coast to Coast serve their breakfast till 12pm.

If you've never come across a Coast to Coast it is an American restaurant and bar with their main menu containing things such as pasta, pizza, burgers, ribs and wings, you could probably liken this restaurant to Frankie & Benny's and TGI Fridays. From the breakfast menu I went for this very Instagram-worthy French toast. I always struggle to decide whether I want something sweet or savoury when I have breakfast out but there was a picture of this on the menu and I was sold. The fact it has fruit on it kind of made me feel like I was having something healthy but the French toast and maple syrup says otherwise. 

I can imagine you all shouting at the screen right now, Sophie, how did it taste? Well let me tell you, it was INNN-CREDIBLE! It was sweet but not like overpoweringly sweet and had just the perfect amount of cinnamon on it, so not so great if you aren't a cinnamon fan but I love it! My only complaint about it was that I didn't have quite enough maple syrup but this is easily fixed by requesting some extra at the start. I'm definitely going to start making an effort to go out for breakfast more.

Have you been to Coast to Coast before? What is your favourite place to go for breakfast?

Sophie xxx

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