Tanya Burr Cosmetics - New Products and Swatches

When Tanya Burr announced that she was adding more products to her make up line, I was very excited. I'll be honest, I haven't bought anything from her range before but knew I had to when I saw that eye shadow palettes were involved, I mean, hello, who wouldn't?! The fact that these products were launched on a Thursday was perfect for me. I work a standard 9-5 job, except for Friday when I have an early finish of 3:30pm so this was ideal for popping into my local Superdrug to see what goodies I could get my hands on.

Left to Right - Nude Delight, Gold Coin, Enchantment, Bookworm
The Hollywood eye palette was the one I had my eye on straight away as I am very into neutral colours when it comes to eyes. Luckily for me, by Friday, this was the only one out of the three palettes that they had left in my local store. Although a little shocked by this, as I assumed this would be the most popular, I made sure I grabbed one right away. I am certainly not disappointed, I mean, just look at those beautiful swatches, what's not to like? I can't wait to try this out and will definitely be having a go at the tutorial that Tanya herself posted on Youtube using this palette!

The other product I just knew I had to pick up before I even entered the shop was the brow palette. With brows being in at the moment, you can never have enough brow products. I have brow gels, brow pencils and wax/powder sets for doing my brows but I am yet to try out a palette that is purely powders so I am really excited to give it a go. I like the idea of the different colours and being able to mix and match to make your perfect colour. The little tweezers will also come in very handy for getting rid of those stray hairs, I couldn't help but aww at them, so cute!

As an owner of well over 100 nail polishes, it's got to the point where I have to be very selective with which ones I buy. I knew I couldn't skip over the nail polishes completely because that's just impossible, especially when all the colours are so lovely! In the end I went for Duvet Day and Little Duck, both such beautiful colours that had to be added to my collection. Duvet Day is a beautiful grey that is so light, making it the perfect neutral to go with anything and is very sophisticated. Little Duck, given away by it's name and is a lovely duck egg colour, I'm forever drawn in by colours like this because they are just timeless. I can't wait till I can get round to trying these, I have so many other polishes still waiting to be tried out as well!

If you've picked up any of the other products from her new release, let me know what you think, or even if you have any of her older products that you think I should try, leave me a comment :)

Sophie x

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